Claim Status Image

Please be advised that Change Healthcare, who is our claims processing clearing house, is experiencing a network interruption related to a cybersecurity issue that may cause a delay in claims. We will provide updates as we receive them from Optum/Change Healthcare.

Can I obtain claim status online?

Yes, providers can view claim status online by logging on to Ez-Net, this feature will allow you to view when the claim was received and allow you to obtain current status of the claim process.

Do I need a password or PIN to gain access?

Yes, please download the EZ NET Form, complete it, sign it and email it to:

You will be issued a login/password.


Please avoid duplicate submission of claims. Duplicate billing delays the process. Depending on the line of business, please allow the applicable time frame to process and adjudicate the claim:

Commercial Claims allow 45 working days

Medi-Cal Claims allow 30 calendar days

Senior Claims allow 30-60 calendar days (contracted providers 60 day and non-contracted 30 days)