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HDMG Outreach for Veterans - Antelope Valley College

Date: September 11, 2015
Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Antelope Valley College

All employees of Antelope Valley College and members of the Public are invited to attend a special flex event: How to Interact with Veterans Health Science Building Room 181 Facilitator: Dennis Anderson Dennis Anderson served 17 years as chief Editor of the Antelope Valley Press, and also taught at Antelope Valley College in the Language Arts Department journalism program. He recently graduated a master's program at University of Southern California, clinical social work with a specialty in helping military families and veterans. He is recently employed by High Desert Medical Group as a Medical Social Worker and Community Relations, with veterans a population of interest. Mr. Anderson traveled twice to the Iraq War as a reporter embedded with the Antelope Valley's own National Guard unit. He shifted from journalism to the social services flowing from his observations that many of the troops he reported sustained injuries, both physical and mental from their wartime service. Noting that Antelope Valley College has at least 600 veterans enrolled as students, he is prepared to discuss military service as a distinct culture that is part of - not alienated - from the fabric of American civic life. "Most of our veterans adjust well to civilian life, and some less well. With empathy and understanding we can all help those who served in difficult times with transition to a full life as civilians and citizens." As with any other population - vulnerable or robust - our veterans have distinct customs, culture, and language, and even have different responses to that familiar greeting "Thank you for your service." It is a rich and distinct culture that can be an addition to campus culture as well. In addition to the two embedded deployments, Mr. Anderson is father to a Marine who served in the Battle of Fallujah. The elder Anderson served as a paratrooper in Europe during the Cold War. Here is the clinical definition of PTSD: A response to a traumatic event, or series of events, often triggered by war, or military sexual trauma, a sexual trauma such as rape or child abuse, or other catastrophic event. An event that triggers intrusive memories, flashbacks, a dissociative state, and that impairs normal life functioning, and may be causative of suicidality. PTSD is not depression, but depression is often its handmaiden. The post-9/11 generation is now heavily enrolled in higher education. The VA estimates 500,000 of the 1.2 million Iraq-Afghan war veterans experience mental illness. And here, at AV College, with 400-plus veterans enrolled, a possible 100 may be in some form of mental health distress. Please come to this important and timely presentation to learn more. 1 hr - Standard #1 https://www.facebook.com/events/659350204202532/

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