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Your primary care physician (PCP) will determine your need to see a specialist. A referral may be issued to aid your physician with the information necessary to make available to you the most comprehensive medical care possible. HDMG has a distinguished panel of over 200 specialists to serve your medical needs throughout the Antelope Valley and surrounding areas. Our specialists work together with your PCP to ensure you receive the highest quality medical care.

Working closely with your PCP is our Utilization Management staff which processes most referrals. They are dedicated to assisting you by directing your medical information to the   appropriate specialist, including verifying eligibility and benefits with your health plan. All utilization management decision-making is based only on the appropriateness of care and service.

High Desert Medical Group, Heritage Health Care, and California Desert Medical Group affirm that:

Why do I need a referral from my primary care physician to see a specialist?

If you are insured by an HMO or in some cases a PPO, your health plan may require a referral for specialist care. Your primary care physician is your central contact for all medical concerns as this allows for continuity of care for patients and allows a central location for medical records.

How long does the referral process take?

Referrals are typically processed within 7 business days, except in urgent situations, and you will be notified by telephone or mail when the referral has been processed. A copy of your referral will be sent to you and/or the specialist you are being referred to. The specialist may also contact you to confirm your referral and/or appointment arrangements.

If it has been more than 7 business days, please contact our Referral Management Department for its status.

For the convenience of our patients, many of our specialists are located at HDMG’s main facility in Lancaster and do not require the referral process. In these cases, your physician’s staff will advise you about your referral and appointment.

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