Family Medicine/Family Practice

Family physicians at High Desert Medical Group deliver exceptional comprehensive medical care for all ages from babies to adults, while placing particular emphasis on the family unit. In addition to diagnosing and treating a range of illnesses and conditions, your family doctor can provide routine health checkups and counseling. He or she can help you make healthy lifestyle choices, improve and maintain your health, and prevent illness. If you have health issues that require a specialist’s care, your primary care physician can refer you to a doctor who has the expertise you need.

Our highly skilled and Board Certified Family Medicine physicians make your health their primary concern. By developing long-term relationships with their patients, our primary care physicians are uniquely positioned to answer many questions about your health, create personal treatment plans based on your past and current health, and advise you about your risk factors.

Our family doctors often collaborate with other health care professionals to ensure that you receive the best care possible.


  Allen, Richard L
  Arroyo, Manuel M.D.
  Ashton, Sharon B.S., PA-C
  Cribbs, Susan D.O.
  Gomez, Rosa M.D.
  Jensen, David M.D.
  Kumar, Pratibha M.D.
  Hernandez, Ruben M.D.
  Ricker, Erica PA-C
  Shikiya, Cecil D.O.
  Tammara, Edward PA-C
  Schwegel, Katherine RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
  Rodriguez, Peter PA
  Riggs, Peyton D.O.
  Mistry, Prashant M.D.
  Greigo, Dorothy FNP
  Langjahr, Jeanette FNP
  Parazo, Don M.D.
  Ramirez, Elsa FNP
  Dougherty, Carol PA
  Nasser, Susan D.O.
  Fernandez, Thelma M.D.
  Pillai, Dewey M.D.

Family Medicine/Practice services provided for the following cities:

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